TINTE bottling

TINTE bottling 559 397 vidacycle


We just bottled some of the 2014 TINTE wine. It’s a natural wine with a delicious and distinctive flavour lovingly crafted from our dry farmed and very old Pais vines. We add no pesticides, fertilisers or even water to the vines – they get everything from the soil below and skies above. Once the grapes have been harvested they are put in the wooden press and then the juice is kept in barrels until fermentation stops and the wine is ready, again we add nothing but just listen to the natural rhythm of the process. TINTE really gives you the raw flavours of our varied soil and nature’s yeast.


As you can see from the pictures below even the bottling process is low-key and done with great care so that each bottle is filled with the tastes of Fundo Meza.IMG_2822

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