Special Festive Gift

Limited Edition Gift (Tom Hunt + Vidacycle)

£60.00 £48.00

Our limited edition gift for this festive season is Tom Hunt’s new cookbook Eating for Pleasure, People and Planet, along with a bottle of TINTE 2016 wine and a handy bottle of delicious AGRAZ (verjus).

There are so many recipes in this book that go with our wines! We hope you really enjoy them together. Choosing to eat and drink in a way that supports a regenerative food system, when you have the choice, can be incredibly nourishing for yourself, your community and the planet. It’s so brilliant that chefs like Tom Hunt are sharing this message far and wide and that’s why we are delighted to match his new book with our wines to make up this special gift.

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Serving suggestion: TINTE 2016 serve Chilled 6ºC. AGRAZ (verjus) Perfect as an acidifer (replaces lemon juice or vinegar) in dishes and drinks. Keep refrigerated once opened.

Tasting notes for TINTE 2016: Tangerine skin, citrus zest, delicate jasmine and bright acidity. There are fragrances of rose and green apple skin as the wine comes to temperature, but preferable to drink quite chilled. As the wine warms slightly there are notes of almond and marzipan as well as white pepper. A great wine with a fresh pasta dish, fried plantains or fish.

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