refreshing simple courgette salad

refreshing simple courgette salad 559 397 vidacycle


Courgettes (or zucchinis) aren’t particularly popular with many of the locals here in Chile. However we made this super simple salad using thinly shaved courgettes and they loved it! The recipe is below:

feeds 4

4 small/medium-sized courgettes

6 tablespoons delicious olive oil

2 tablespoons agraz


grate on lemon zest for added flavour

Take a whole courgette, use a peeler to thinly slice off layer after layer of the courgette (no need to take the skin off or anything like that) into a salad bowl. We’ve found it’s easiest if you turn the courgette around every so often so you are peeling from a different side, keep going until you can’t peel off any more and then compost the left over ends. Do this for all courgettes.

Mix the dressing separately in a small bowl. Start with the olive oil, then add 1/3 as much Agraz, a pinch of salt and pepper and grate in some lemon zest for extra flavour. Give the dressing a good stir together, then pour the dressing over your bowl of courgette strips.

Enjoy the delicious light flavours!


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