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Loncomilla Valley is an area of spectacular beauty and tranquility – the home of vineyards, blueberry farms, dairies, apiaries, pine forests and olive groves. At Vidacycle Farm as well making natural wine, we also grow a mix of nutrient-rich foods, going beyond organic to encourage biodiversity, healthy soil and resilience year-on-year.


We produce natural wine, from nothing but the Earth.

Our natural orange wine, TINTE, is lovingly crafted from our dry farmed and very old País vines. The beauty captured in every bottle reflects our deep connection to the land and life cycles of the natural world. Nothing is  added to the organic grapes from vineyard to bottle.  Each year is a whole new wine and a whole new experience. In a sense, this is why we call ourselves farmers first and foremost (as opposed to winemakers) because what goes into each bottle, comes entirely from the earth. The flavours are dependent on the microbial life under our feet (i.e. the soil).

TINTE truly embraces the beauty and integrity of the land here at Vidacycle. Rich nutritious soils and warm air create an exciting flavourful wine.
As our País vines are dry farmed, we never water them. This means the vines soak up the strong sun and Chilean elements, bringing out the unique and earthy flavours of the grapes. We use no sulphates (although some natural wines do), no filtration, no artificial yeasts, no pumping. The natural fermentation process takes over two years, relying on natural yeasts on the grapes and in the air. And we use a traditional unmechanised grape press.
TINTE is a true reflection of our ecological approach to farming. When you shop Vidacycle, you support a positive farming future for the Earth and its people.

We’d love to share a vino or two with you…

TINTE 2016

TINTE 2016 brings to the fore the lively quality of the País grape. The oldest grape variety grown in Chile, introduced in the 16th century, it’s having a resurgence in popularity. The País grape gives a fresh zingy fruity taste, with a minerally dryness, mixed with salty flavours from the sea air, perfect for this hot Summer.  Serve chilled ~6C

“I love the tangerine zest aromas, the freshness, acidity and mineral taste of the País grape.”

~ Jeremy Chan, Head Chef, Ikoyi London

TINTE 2015

TINTE 2015 is full of life, dry and earthy, with a dash of salty ocean freshness. It’s got all the flavours of a beautifully simple orange wine, but is made like a rosé.
Fun to share with friends and particularly delicious with cheese and lighter dishes. Drink it lightly chilled ~14C.

“This is a special wine – a bottle of really rich and playful flavour!”

~ Vidacycle customer

TINTE 2014

TINTE 2014 is a sweeter taste, full of flavours, this wine is best served cold and we love a glass before or after dinner – lots of people think it goes really well with cheese or dessert. Drink chilled ~6C.

“Sherry-like tones, beautiful dessert wine”

~ Vidacycle customer


Our Agraz (or verjus) is made when we thin the vines early in the season to capture the fresh green grape flavours. Perfect as an acidifer (replaces lemon juice or vinegar) when pairing with wine for a meal. Add to dressings or sauces for a refreshing edge and perfect to bring an extra zing to many drinks. Must be refrigerated once open.

“Never have to buy fresh lemons again – Agraz does the trick!”

~ Vidacycle customer

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