maize 150 150 vidacycle


spicy red 150 150 vidacycle

spicy red

local meat 150 150 vidacycle

local meat

autumn fruits 150 150 vidacycle

autumn fruits

onions & watermelons 150 150 vidacycle

onions & watermelons

the onions are coming along nicely, should be ready to harvest in the next few weeks. and the watermelons are looking HUGE! there is nothing like a freshly harvested watermelon!…

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thin out 150 150 vidacycle

thin out

ciruelas 150 150 vidacycle


the deliciously juicy plums are finally ready for eating at the end of a nice long summer in the sun

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winter skies 150 150 vidacycle

winter skies

cactus 150 150 vidacycle


agua buena 150 150 vidacycle

agua buena

bees & honey 150 150 vidacycle

bees & honey

honey We have a partnership with the bees, they are very hardworking and produce an excellent quality of honey.  We are currently experimenting with new designs of hive to provide…

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Sweet eating 150 150 vidacycle

Sweet eating

verjus 150 150 vidacycle


A first at Fundo Meza—–this week the grapes were harvested early in the season and in collaboration with a Dutchman who is a winemaker in Chile, pressed to produce our…

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Grapes 150 150 vidacycle


  We have 4 acres of certified organic ancient Pais vines, from which we primarily produce wine and agraz: agraz/verjus Our first product ‘Agraz’, also called ‘Verjus’, is a forgotten…

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olives & olive oil 150 150 vidacycle

olives & olive oil

olive oil We have 8300 young olive trees made up of a combination of three different varieties: Frantoio, Leccino and Coratina, all certified organic by the IMO and all dry…

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bamboo bike 150 150 vidacycle

bamboo bike

Currently we have one bamboo bike at Fundo Meza. In the future we plan to grow bamboo at the farm that is fit for making these beautiful bamboo bikes. Bike…

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tree with a view 150 150 vidacycle

tree with a view

Whilst wandering through the fields and weaving my way through the olive trees I began to see the olive farm from the perspective of the trees. Each tree has an…

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sourdough starter 150 150 vidacycle

sourdough starter

These loaves of rye sourdough bread were made using a sourdough starter that was started at Fundo Meza. To cultivate a starter using simply flour, water, and yeast (bacteria) in…

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