The Cordillera 150 150 vidacycle

The Cordillera

Rising before dawn has its merits. In under two hours we had parked not far from the Argentine border and were high up in the Andes beginning our trek along…

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Altos de Lircay National Reserve 150 150 vidacycle

Altos de Lircay National Reserve

The Altos de Lircay national reserve is one of the finest in central Chile, and is just a 2 hour drive from Fundo Meza. The reserve boasts 12,163 hectares with…

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la reina del pan 150 150 vidacycle

la reina del pan

Katherine was bread-maker supreme whilst she was here. We have had the sourdough going for over a year now and it gets better and better with every loaf. Thanks again…

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apricots 150 150 vidacycle


A week ago we harvested our first batch of homegrown apricots, we collected 24 in total and they are so delicious!

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Visit Greater Chile 150 150 vidacycle

Visit Greater Chile

A few photos Katherine and her friend took whilst travelling further South in Chile, a wildly different landscape from the Central Region and just as beautiful.

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covered 150 150 vidacycle


We are into the last few days of Spring and for the first year ever the vines completely cover the parrón – providing invaluable shade for the vegetable garden (and those…

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heaven 150 150 vidacycle


The lavender is truly bursting at the seams behind Claudio’s house, the Botacura Valley must be lavender heaven.

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sweet peas 150 150 vidacycle

sweet peas

Courgettes and lettuce are now in full swing thanks to Claudio. The chicken wire covers work perfectly to protect against birds and rabbits…and there are hundreds of delicious sweet peas…

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oregano harvest 150 150 vidacycle

oregano harvest

Claudio, with the help of quality control officer Manuela (pictured below), harvests the oregano to be dried for use all year round.

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fresh baguettes 150 150 vidacycle

fresh baguettes

The first sourdough baguettes fresh out of the oven.

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vine growth 150 150 vidacycle

vine growth

The vines on the parrón are growing very rapidly now that the sun is getting warmer and warmer, they creep over just at the right time to provide some much needed…

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first food 150 150 vidacycle

first food

Claudio has been diligent as ever, which means the zucchini are already in full flowering mode, and the first crop of lettuce ready to be enjoyed!

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olive flowers 150 150 vidacycle

olive flowers

The olive trees are covered in flowers, delicate white blossoms out to enjoy the Spring warmth.

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the other rose 150 150 vidacycle

the other rose

Wild roses grow in every corner of Fundo Meza. They have a soft sweet fragrance that delights the senses very unexpectedly – they do not look like cultivated roses –…

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Mountain Trail 150 150 vidacycle

Mountain Trail

This route takes you up the highest southerly peak that can be seen from the main house, weaving along disused logging roads through the verdant pine forests. Emerging from the pines, you…

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Visit Maule Region 150 150 vidacycle

Visit Maule Region

Loncomilla Valley is located in the Maule Region, Region 7, in central Chile.  

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Visit Loncomilla Area 150 150 vidacycle

Visit Loncomilla Area

Loncomilla Valley is home to many types of agriculture with vast expanses of vineyard, cattle farms (we have a local ice cream brand), blueberries, pine forests and olive groves. The…

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Creek Trail 150 150 vidacycle

Creek Trail

This walk takes you down through the luscious eucalyptus trees, along the meandering creek and then back up the ridge and along the hillside, with elevated views of the creek…

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Radal Siete Tazas 150 150 vidacycle

Radal Siete Tazas

Famous for its seven chained waterfalls, Siete Tazas National Park is located on the aptly named Rio Claro in the Maule Region. Just two hours from Fundo Meza, it is…

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cerveza 150 150 vidacycle


Andrés’ second pursuit is his growing beer trade. A few years ago we got to sample beer he had brewed for fun in his back yard. How things have changed……

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propagate 150 150 vidacycle


Local Viticulturalist Andrés Sanchez is spear-heading two exciting new entrepreneurial pursuits for the Loncomilla Valley. First up – Chile has very strict laws about importing agricultural goods, so the variety…

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lichen 150 150 vidacycle


Lichen grows on everything here and comes in all different forms. Many of the walks are through areas of wilderness that have been left for many years, it is so…

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kurla-bread 150 150 vidacycle


We used Andrés’ Kurla beer to make some bread – muy rico (yummy)!

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tecas 150 150 vidacycle


Katherine added the pebbly concentric circles, framing the tecas to make a rustic Chilean sculpture.

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mist 150 150 vidacycle


An early morning walk to the top of Tabontinaja showed the extent of the trapped fog in the valley. This is a good time to introduce our first ‘visiting resident’…

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wild flowers 150 150 vidacycle

wild flowers

The wild flowers are popping up all over the place after the rains of the last few weeks.

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día y la noche 150 150 vidacycle

día y la noche

These wild golden poppies are unravelling their petals as day breaks. Not only do they have a seasonal flowering cycle, but also a daily cycle that allows them to close…

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sombras arquitectónicas 150 150 vidacycle

sombras arquitectónicas

Mid-morning the sun casts a shadow on the bodega that beautifully highlights the architectural pattern of the parrón.

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kumquat 150 150 vidacycle


It turns out the ‘jurassic’ looking tree is a kumquat tree. Kumquats are native to Asia and were only brought to Europe and the Americas in the 19th century, so…

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sourdough 150 150 vidacycle


Three perfect sourdough loaves  – all organic and home-baked.

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