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There are many traditional Chilean dishes that use corn in innovative ways. Humitas are a perfect little package of corn cleverly contained in the corn husks. We used the corn we harvested from the garden, washed the millions of ants off of it, put the husks to one side, cut the corn off the cob, and then ground it up in the food processor.


We grated up some cheese, chopped coriander, chillies and had lots of salt and pepper to hand and added this to each little corn package. There is definitely an art to wrapping up the ingredients. We found it was really important to keep the husks in water so that they were more maleable for wrapping and didn’t crack. Also we used scissors to cut the end where it was most curved as often this caused the husk to split.

You can freeze them too, so we found it was quite good to make a lots at once and then freeze half of them.


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