solar pumping – Fundo Meza

solar pumping – Fundo Meza

solar pumping – Fundo Meza 150 150 vidacycle

Our solar pumping systems use a combination of solar PV panels, Dankoff SlowPumps, and gravity (storage tanks higher up) to provide all our water needs. We also now use a wind mill to draw water up out of a well as an additional water source.


At Fundo Meza whenever possible we use these two design principles:

1. Pumping to Gravity

Gravity always works, therefore pumping water into tanks higher up the hill ensures we always have access to pressurised water.

2. Direct PV (no battery used)

Batteries often have relatively short life-span and are not easily recycled, so minimising their use is more sustainable.

Our water pumping system is based on the principles in the diagram below.

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 13.14.57

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