From London to Peru——meet TINTE lover Dasha

From London to Peru——meet TINTE lover Dasha 2560 1709 vidacycle

Dasha developed her love for TINTE while living in London and shares her story——

“I lived in London for 4 years where I worked as an architect. I found your wine, TINTE, on the shelves at E5 Bakehouse in East London where I bought it and had it at home—— and it was delicious! Loved it!

I continued enjoying TINTE in London until I moved earlier this year to work on a sports project in Lima, Peru. So far it’s been an amazing experience!”

“I absolutely love Lima. I didn’t really know what to expect as this is my first time in South America. The people are very warm, welcoming, kind and generous. That’s definitely helped with the transition. Plus the work is interesting and I work with a really interesting and diverse group of people.”

“The food is amazing here! Beautiful seafood—wonderful ceviche! And I live by the coast so I’m learning to surf and try to go surfing in the mornings before work—— a great way to start the day.”

“Whenever I can, I always try to get a natural wine. To be honest, when I tasted TINTE it just stuck with me and I’ve not had that kind of reaction to many wines. It’s quite earthy and dry and very fresh. The flavour develops in your mouth and tends to linger a while after you sip it and you get a tingling in the back of your mouth. It’s not sweet——it’s dry and pleasantly acidic.”

“When I got to Lima I was looking for a similar wine, but orange wines, or even organic, aren’t very common here yet. I knew TINTE came from Chile, so I got in contact with Vidacycle to see where I could get TINTE in Peru—but sadly it’s not available here at this time.”

“So I was trying to figure out how can I get some TINTE?—— when my parents were coming to to visit me in Lima via Santiago. Thomas from Vidacycle kindly arranged for a case of TINTE to be delivered to their hotel and they brought it to me in Lima, which was perfect timing!”

“I really like the naturalness of it. It reminds me of a perfect wine to have with a group of friends over food. We love to cook and we love to host people, so everyone eating, talking, laughing around a table enjoying themselves——that’s what I think of when I think of TINTE.”

We love that image Dasha, (and the amazing table of food you shared with friends – yum!) – definitely TINTE is all about everyone laughing around a table enjoying themselves! As winemakers, young entrepreneurs and caretakers of the earth, we are excited to share our naturally produced wine ‘TINTE’.

Community is the future of our continued creations and our commitment to build beauty, ecology and abundance, so thank you Dasha for telling your story and sharing your experience.

*Of course this is a true story but Dasha is a false name to preserve this TINTE drinker’s online anonymity

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