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At Vidacycle we are all about bringing the community together, and celebrating the fruits of the land. We’re proud of our regenerative approach to farming – going beyond organic techniques to listen, learn and work with nature’s patterns and encourage biodiversity amongst our century-old País vines and beyond.

By becoming a Friend of the Farm, you’ll be supporting a more ecological farming system as well as getting to enjoy our natural wine, Tinte. Each year’s vintage tastes different, because we don’t add anything – the flavours of Tinte are created by simply the sun, rain and soil.  So, if you’re a proud Tinte lover or simply curious to try Tinte, join our community to share with the world that it’s possible to produce delicious natural wines while building healthy and resilient ecosystems!

As a Friend of the Farm you’ll be sent, twice-a-year, six bottles of our delicious Tinte direct to your door — once in summer and once in winter (in time for Christmas). Friends of the Farm pay £150 every 6 months, which works out to be great value for money and saves you having to order online or make a trip to selected shops to get that bottle of Tinte, for a nice dinner or special gift. As well as a delicious bottle of natural wine more or less each month, you’ll also benefit from a number of other special treats (listed below) throughout the year, including an invitation to visit us at the farm in Chile!

As a Friend of the Farm you’ll get…

  • A case of 6 bottles of Tinte wine straight to your door every 6 months – once in summer and once in winter. 
  • Tasting notes of the different vintages.
  • Delicious recipe ideas to explore with Tinte wines.
  • A 10% discount on all of the wine and agraz on our online shop.
  • Invitations to preview every new wine we create at our wonderful tastings in London and Manchester.
  • An end of season letter from the winemakers, sharing the stories, learnings and observations from the farm over that year.
  • An exclusive invitation to come and visit the Vidacycle farm in Chile – with the option of staying in the contemporary guest accommodation and enjoying the use of the natural pool!

Join the Friends of the Farm community for £150 every 6 months here:

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