mist 150 150 vidacycle

An early morning walk to the top of Tabontinaja showed the extent of the trapped fog in the valley. This is a good time to introduce our first ‘visiting resident’ at Fundo Meza, Kathryn who will be experiencing all the different life cycles on the farm for a while.

As the sun’s rays beamed down the fog soon retreated out of the valley…

…leaving us a great view of the olives groves (the dotted row patterns in the large green field at the bottom of this picture are all the little oliver trees!

wild flowers

wild flowers 150 150 vidacycle

The wild flowers are popping up all over the place after the rains of the last few weeks.

día y la noche

día y la noche 150 150 vidacycle

These wild golden poppies are unravelling their petals as day breaks. Not only do they have a seasonal flowering cycle, but also a daily cycle that allows them to close up in the darkness of the night and then re-open again as the suns rays return by day.


kumquat 150 150 vidacycle

It turns out the ‘jurassic’ looking tree is a kumquat tree. Kumquats are native to Asia and were only brought to Europe and the Americas in the 19th century, so it could not have been at Fundo Meza all that long. The new shoots spurting out the top of the bush are such a lovely lime green signalling Spring is here.


sourdough 150 150 vidacycle

Three perfect sourdough loaves  – all organic and home-baked.


pruning 150 150 vidacycle

The olive trees are getting bigger and stronger, so this year for the first time we will prune them to encourage a bushier top heavy shape.  This should make harvesting the olives easier and ensure the development of sturdy trunks.

first fruits

first fruits 150 150 vidacycle

Planted just over four years ago, the apricot trees have fruited for the first time ever. We can’t wait to taste their organic juicy goodness!


jurassic 150 150 vidacycle

I think there seems to be something slightly jurassic-like about this bush? It doesn’t quite blend with the surrounding vegetation, will find out more about its origins and report back…

spring offerings

spring offerings 150 150 vidacycle

It’s like there are lots of little treasures littered across the countryside, waiting to be found and admired. Actually that is exactly what is going on as the plants try and attract passing potential pollinators.

responsive architecture

responsive architecture 150 150 vidacycle

We hope that this year the parrón will provide a fully shaded walkway as the vines use their rapid growing power to fill it out. There is a lot of talk in the technology and materials world about creating responsive environments and architecture that autonomously provide shade when its hot and lets in the sun when it’s cool. This is exactly what the vines covering the parrón do, in the course of their seasonal cycle the vines naturally work with the elements to provide an optimum environment, no technology required.

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