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solar PV – Wincayaren Hostal

We worked in collaboration with Jorge, from Parque Educativo Solar, to provide Wincayaren Hostal with a solution for their electricity generation. Jorge installed two solar panels on their roof, along with an inverter to provide AC electricity for the whole building. The two panels mean that that hostel’s electricity bills are zero due to surplus […]

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solar hotwater – Fundo Meza

All of our hot water generation comes from combined solar hotwater systems. We always aim to have the hotwater panel installation blend in with its surroundings, for minimal visual impact, as can be seen in both photos. 80% of the year all our hotwater needs are fulfilled by the water being heated directly by the […]

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solar pumping – Fundo Meza

Our solar pumping systems use a combination of solar PV panels, Dankoff SlowPumps, and gravity (storage tanks higher up) to provide all our water needs. We also now use a wind mill to draw water up out of a well as an additional water source. At Fundo Meza whenever possible we use these two design […]

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