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The full story

About ten years ago, we heard about a opportunity to become part of the farming community in the Loncomilla Valley, Chile. Friends of ours informed us that their neighbours, the owners of a small farm tucked away in the coastal hills near San Javier, were moving away. Our family had fallen in love with Chile […]

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Parque Educativo Solar Energy

Based nearby in Linares is Parque Educativo Solar, established by Jorge. What started as a backyard project has morphed into a full on Sustainability Education Centre, providing solar energy workshops and products for both local people and international visitors. The Centre showcases a variety of low-tech uses of the endless sun’s rays, as well as […]

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tech & tools for smaller-scale farms

solar The use of energy is a major concern and we are continually looking to minimize our consumption.  The buildings we have designed are passive solar and also use passive solar hot water panels.  We are installing solar PV panels for solar pumping of water and powering the electrical needs of our new processing building. […]

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