solar cooker

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A special solar cooker we designed that is made from the lower third of an old wine barrel and some shiny insulation.

corn & pie

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About a month ago the first few corn husks were ready to be eaten, so sweet and fresh – unbeatable! We ate them complete with plum pie, after Isobel & Nick harvested hundreds of plums from the valley.




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Thanks Joy and Katrina for making this delicious mirabelle plum and ginger jam. We get all sorts of fruit trees flourishing during the summer months in random locations and suddenly a few trees down in the valley were covered with many tiny orange plum-like fruits, called mirabelles – a pleasant surprise.

la reina del pan

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Katherine was bread-maker supreme whilst she was here. We have had the sourdough going for over a year now and it gets better and better with every loaf. Thanks again for your great work on this Katherine!

fresh baguettes

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The first sourdough baguettes fresh out of the oven.


cerveza 150 150 vidacycle

Andrés’ second pursuit is his growing beer trade. A few years ago we got to sample beer he had brewed for fun in his back yard. How things have changed…

His signature Kurla beer is now available at selected destinations in Chile and demand is growing. A grant from the Chilean government enabled Andrés to purchase new brewing tanks, so he can increase capacity and enhance the quality of his beer.

Andrés is pictured here with one of the new tanks, and a bottle of his sought-after beer.

Nice bottle racks!


kurla-bread 150 150 vidacycle

We used Andrés’ Kurla beer to make some bread – muy rico (yummy)!


sourdough 150 150 vidacycle

Three perfect sourdough loaves  – all organic and home-baked.

local meat

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sourdough starter

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These loaves of rye sourdough bread were made using a sourdough starter that was started at Fundo Meza. To cultivate a starter using simply flour, water, and yeast (bacteria) in the air took just under a week. We bake the sourdough bread in our fantastic wood fired outdoor oven which adds a delicious taste. The recipe and instructions of how to make this bread will be included in Fundo Meza’s online recipe book at some point in the future. If you want the recipe before then request it by e-mail via the contact page.

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