young trees

young trees 150 150 vidacycle


Trees spread their seed far and wide in hope that some of the seedlings will find the perfect spot with all the right conditions so that their progeny survives. This chilean oak has found such a spot amidst the tall grasses and seems to be doing quite well. I’ve always particularly liked the tree below with fine pronged leaves and it seems to be happy in its new spot as well.


unrelenting zucchini

unrelenting zucchini 150 150 vidacycle


The zucchini plants have provided fresh vegetables since early spring and they are still coming. The plant seems to be very well adapted to providing its crop for as long as possible. As you can see the original leaves and stems have died away whilst other parts of the plant have generated new shoots and are now going strong.


The tomatoes are also a persistent crop still providing us with delicious fruits right up to the end of autumn.



sheets of fog

sheets of fog 150 150 vidacycle


Where we are positioned is in quite a high valley not too far from the coast, so there is often an early morning fog sitting over us after the chill of the night. There is a point when it suddenly begins to move out and the olive groves are once again exposed to the sun above.


store room

store room 150 150 vidacycle


The greenhouse has taken on a new role in the autumn/early winter months. It is a dry, sealed room and therefore perfect for storing many of the vegetables that can be kept and eaten through the winter.


We have a mixture of white and red onions, lots of butternut squash, some potatoes and heaps of rosehip fruits.


We have also kept some maize to be dried and then ground up into maize flour.


fluffy bush

fluffy bush 150 150 vidacycle


On our autumnal wanderings we came across this bush bursting into fluffy delights. A few strong gusts of wind will ensure that its seeds are spread across the whole valley and beyond. On first sight it looked a bit like hawthorn blossom that we have witnessed a few times in late Spring in the UK but unlike those fresh white flowers beckoning berries, this bush is very much in the late thralls of its annual existence preparing to minimise its energy output over the cold winter months.

early light

early light 150 150 vidacycle


The sun creeps over the hills much later in Autumn. When it does peak over, it slowly fills the whole valley with a warmth and brightness that was unimaginable just a few seconds earlier.


autumn colours

autumn colours 150 150 vidacycle


As Autumn flows into full swing we are treated to a visual bonanza. The richness of colours  is subtly exaggerated by the surrounding sea of evergreens. The sun – ever-lower in the sky – takes on a new redder tinge when it casts its rays across the valleys.



la vendemia

la vendemia 150 150 vidacycle


Two weeks ago it was finally time for the wine harvest, the vines gave in to the suns rays and absorbed that golden hue. The grapes, all now a deep purpley blue, were ready to be transformed into our first home grown table wine.




The post-harvest celebrations included a full feast – with meat piled high – at El Toro Macho, which left all involved very content!



solar cooker

solar cooker 150 150 vidacycle


A special solar cooker we designed that is made from the lower third of an old wine barrel and some shiny insulation.


tree-bush 150 150 vidacycle


Fir trees seem to sprout up all over the place on the hillsides. The fir tree saplings do particularly well in shelter of other bushes/shrubs –  but as the firs grow they no longer need the shrub and so it becomes a battle to see whether the tree or bush will get bigger and outgrow the other. This curious tree-bush is one of those cases, at the moment they seem to be living in perfect harmony, although this may not last for long.

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