order 150 150 Abby


This Winter we focused on re-taming the 100 year old grape vines. The vines had not been tended to for many years, so they were very hard to access and…

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pruning 150 150 Abby


The olive trees are getting bigger and stronger, so this year for the first time we will prune them to encourage a bushier top heavy shape.  This should make harvesting…

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first fruits 150 150 Abby

first fruits

Planted just over four years ago, the apricot trees have fruited for the first time ever. We can’t wait to taste their organic juicy goodness!

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jurassic 150 150 Abby


I think there seems to be something slightly jurassic-like about this bush? It doesn’t quite blend with the surrounding vegetation, will find out more about its origins and report back…

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spring offerings 150 150 Abby

spring offerings

It’s like there are lots of little treasures littered across the countryside, waiting to be found and admired. Actually that is exactly what is going on as the plants try…

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responsive architecture 150 150 Abby

responsive architecture

We hope that this year the parrón will provide a fully shaded walkway as the vines use their rapid growing power to fill it out. There is a lot of talk…

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shoots 150 150 Abby


The green shoots of Spring bring a new lightness to the landscape. In the Lancomilla Valley the seasons are very distinct and the colours wash through like a great wave…

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chimes 150 150 Abby


Deep vibrations permeate the sharp winter air as the wind whistles through the wind chimes at the local blueberry farm. Unlike most chimes, these heavy pipes have a very long…

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growing grids 150 150 Abby

growing grids

pretty pink 150 150 Abby

pretty pink

A lone cherry tree sits in the olive groves nearest the main house and brings a pretty dose of pink to the un-ending world of green – a sign that…

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bodega 150 150 Abby


The bodega and the palm tree looking over the vegetable gardens look so regal at first light. The parrón looks so barren with just the twisting branches of the vines winding…

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the greenhouse 150 150 Abby

the greenhouse

This stone wall snakes up to the greenhouse where the new shelving has been installed. The winter sun is still very low in the sky so lots of sunlight is…

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patio & roof 150 150 Abby

patio & roof

The grassy roof on the guesthouse is showing plentiful growth, helping the building blend into the hillside and providing an extra layer of insulation. The new patio out front is…

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cilantro 150 150 Abby


Our first crop of coriander basking in the sheltered sun of the new greenhouse. Five new geraniums and a succulent have also taken shelter over the winter and will be…

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all things green 150 150 Abby

all things green

One of the resident pine trees atop the little hill with the medicine wheel on it, full of life and more camouflaged than usual as the winter rains have coloured…

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tilling 150 150 Abby


The new rototiller has left the vegetable gardens with a beautiful bed of soil ready for the growing season ahead. We put compost and sand in each garden at the…

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greenhouse 150 150 Abby


lavender 150 150 Tom


jardin 150 150 Tom


windy 150 150 Abby


a hard days work 150 150 Abby

a hard days work

Heading out into the fields with a long day ahead, 1400 trees to plant. We start about 7am, then take a break from the midday heat before returning to plant…

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black olives 150 150 Abby

black olives

cosecha 150 150 Abby


all set for onions and squash for the year ahead

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autumn evening 150 150 Abby

autumn evening

black beans 150 150 Abby

black beans

late flower 150 150 Abby

late flower

mini200 150 150 Abby


equinox 150 150 Abby


huge veg 150 150 Abby

huge veg

courgettes & cucumbers 150 150 Abby

courgettes & cucumbers

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